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Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning Department works in collaboration with the Superintendent and Building administrators to create educational programming that meets the needs of all of our students in Brooklyn City Schools. The department oversees the curriculum and instructional programs of the district and provides leadership and support to staff. The department coordinates the selection of textbooks and instructional resources, coordinates testing, identification and coordination of gifted delivery services and English Language Learners (EL) screening, placement and scheduling. All Title 1 programming is coordinated by the department along with other state and federal grants.

Title I Federal Grant Program

What is Title I?

Title 1 is the largest federally funded program for public schools. It is part of Every Student Succeeds Act but originated in 1965 by Lyndon B. Johnson. It was part of a larger set of bills that changed funding of school districts from solely the local level to partial funding from the national level. Title 1 funding provides educational funds to schools that demonstrate a high percentage of students from low-income families. The Title 1 federal funds enable schools to provide additional educational services to help students who are struggling academically. Funds are intended to supplement general education curriculum

Title 1 federal funds provide funding to schools based on the number of students enrolled who demonstrate need. Need is determined by the free and reduced lunch percentage of each school building within the district and other informative data. Districts can receive these funds through either targeted assistance programs or school-wide programs where 40% or more of the students are from families with low-income.


What is School-Wide Title I?

Brooklyn School receives Title funds for school-wide Title I programs. As school-wide programs the district may use Title 1 funds to improve student achievement throughout the entire school regardless of a student/families’ individual economic need. This enables all students to benefit from Title 1 support and services. It also ensures that all staff focus on improving educational programming for students in each building while paying careful attention to those from families with low income. School-wide funds are used to expand high-quality instruction, implement research-based interventions to improve academic performance and close achievement gaps, improve teacher quality and provide professional development to staff, and provide parent engagement activities. 


Who Receives Title I Services?

All students can succeed with the right type of research-based intervention and additional instruction. Brooklyn School utilizes an assessment- based process to identify students needing additional help in reading. Scores from screening and benchmark assessments, as well as, teacher input ensure that students in need of additional assistance receive the support they need. Students showing the greatest educational need are prioritized to receive services first. 


Lisa Deliz

Lisa Deliz
Assistant Superintendent 


Supriya Culliton Headshot

Supriya Culliton 
Director of Innovation and Career Development


Dave Wallis headshot

David Wallis
Director of Systems and Instructional Technology


Megan Kinney headshot

Megan Kinney 
Coordinator of Gifted Services