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The technology department plans, installs, and supports all technology related equipment and information systems throughout the Brooklyn City Schools.  In addition, instructional technology training and professional development is provided to our staff and students to support teaching and learning.


Important Information


Technology Integration at Brooklyn City Schools 

Understanding and using technology has become a vital part of nearly every aspect of daily life.  The Technology Department for the Brooklyn City School District recognizes the school system’s responsibility to prepare students for this reality.  The Technology Department, through its commitment to use technology daily to provide a quality education will:

  • Provide students and staff with the opportunity to utilize current and relevant technology tools and resources on a regular basis
  • Prepare staff and students to fully integrate technology in teaching and learning
  • Prepare students for a 21st century workforce by promoting a rigorous curriculum infused with collaborative partnerships, projects requiring creativity and critical thinking and problem solving skills, global awareness, and media literacy in a technology rich environment
  • Promote digital citizenship and ethical behavior while utilizing technology resources
  • Provide efficient and effective technology support and maintenance of technology services