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Brooklyn Arts and Innovation Academy


The Brooklyn City School District strives to provide a high-quality educational experience to all students. The District also recognizes that academically and creatively talented students have unique needs and abilities which may vary considerably from those of their same-age peers. The goal of the Brooklyn Arts and Innovation Academy is to recognize each student’s gifts, and encourage, and support educational experiences that foster the academic and creative talents of each individual student. Our newly designed Innovation Space offers all students at the elementary level with hands-on learning opportunities which include 3 D printing, Snap Circuits, Animation Stations and Finch Robots. Students and staff utilize this learning space to cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Gifted Services

The Brooklyn City School District identifies students as gifted in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creative thinking ability, and visual/performing arts ability outlined in the Ohio Revised Code 3324.01 to 3324.07.

View the The Brooklyn City School District Gifted Plan and Policy

How are students tested for Gifted Identification?
  • All students in grades 2-8 are assessed in Reading and Math using MAP. This benchmark is administered three times a year, and students who earn a score of 95th percentile or higher from the MAP Growth 2-5 or MAP Growth 6+ are identified as gifted.
  • All students in grades 2 and 5 are assessed for superior cognitive identification using the NNAT. Students who earn a qualifying score from this assessment are identified as gifted in superior cognitive ability (Score of 126 for grade 2 & 125 for grade 5). 
  • Creative Thinking/Visual /Performing Arts Ability - Part 1 is a qualifying score from Scales Rating the Behavior Characteristics of Superior Student. Part 2 is a performance/portfolio evaluation by a local committee.
  • Students may be referred for gifted identification testing at any time by school personnel, parents, and students by completing a Referral Form
How are Gifted students served & supported?

All gifted students receiving services have a Written Education Plan (WEP) that is shared with parents in the fall. Here is a list of the services and supports that we offer our gifted students (varies by grade level):

  • Elementary Level
    • Enrichment Opportunities/Talent Development 

    • Cluster grouping in Reading and Math 

    • Reading services in a resource room taught by a gifted intervention specialist

    • Differentiated instruction provided by classroom teachers and/or gifted intervention specialist 

    • Acceleration: early entrance to kindergarten,  grade acceleration, and/or subject acceleration.

  • Middle/High School Level

    • Honors courses 

    • Advanced Placement Course

    • College Credit Plus Courses

    • Acceleration: grade acceleration, early graduation, and/or subject acceleration services.