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Brooklyn Career Connections Academy

Brooklyn City Schools is proud to announce the development of the Brooklyn Career Connections Academy (BCCA) for qualifying seniors. The BCCA will seek to help students develop their post-secondary goals and assist them in making those goals a reality. In partnership with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and local agencies, students will cultivate their skills to be successful in the career of their choosing through real work experiences. Additionally, students will further guarantee their graduation through the completion of National Retail Federation’s Rise Up program, the Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal, and completion of course requirements and career exploration through Edgenuity.

Career Connections

Based on students’ career interests, they will participate in experiential learning via shadowing or internships. School will work in partnership with local agencies, business advisory council and the Greater Cleveland Career Consortium to secure work experiences for students.

Academic Development

Students will work toward developing the skills that will make them successful beyond high school. Students will leave this program having completed the necessary requirements to earn the Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal, a 12-point credentialing in the basics of Customer Service, and a work-based learning experience.

Contact Information

Supriya Culliton headshot
Career Connection Contact:

Supriya Culliton
Coordinator of Student Support Programs

Academic Development Contact:

Matthew Larson
Brooklyn High School Assistant Principal